Monday, May 04, 2015


As yet another footy season nears the end of its useful life, there are still a few things unresolved to grab the attention - Premier League relegation issues, places in European competitions, play-off finals and the FA Cup final.   But it is in the `lower` leagues of English football that romance can still be found as a refreshing antidote to the rampant commercialism of the Premier League `product.`   

And this afternoon, the season finale for one of the teams I follow drew to a triumphant conclusion, as Truro City gained promotion back to the Conference South (to be renamed National League South, I believe) following their 1-0 win over St. Neots Town in front of a 1450 crowd at Trelew Road.   It`s a welcome return to the higher level for Truro and richly deserved not only for their outstanding season but also for the sheer logistical effort involved in sustaining the west Cornwall club over a long campaign. 

Their return to the Conference South will inevitably involve yet more heroic travels to such places as Hemel Hampstead, Chelmsford in Essex, St. Albans and Eastbourne in East Sussex - the latter involving a mere 560 miles round trip from Cornwall.   But they will have a couple of local derbies - Bath City will only involve a 380 miles round trip whilst their visit to Weston-super-Mare involves a paltry 300.   Perhaps their longest journey will be when they visit newly promoted Maidstone United, just down the road here in Kent which will put the thick end of 600 miles on the clock.   To be fair, the 100 travelling St. Neots fans today had a round journey of 650 miles and long journeys are the same for all the teams who have to visit Cornwall`s capital city.

I`m full of admiration for Truro City Football Club, their players, staff and especially their supporters, not just because it`s Cornwall but also for the effort and commitment required to be as successful as they are.   Not for them the luxury travel of the Premier League but instead a hard slog each and every time they have to play away from Trelew Road.   Their upward progression will also bring yet more hours of onward travel all in pursuit of a heroic sporting cause.   I wish them well.

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