Friday, March 06, 2015


....and the papers today
full of war and of waste
but you turn right over to the tv page.....(Neil Finn)

62 days to go to the General Election and I don`t know about you but I`m already tired of the noise.   The latest playground scuffle concerns the televised `debate(s)` between party leaders, who seem to be under the illusion that their own soap opera can match those others that grip an easily seduced nation.   There`s an argument about whether these debates should be just between the two `main party` leaders or whether no less than seven political parties should be involved.   

That in itself has brought cries of anguish from the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland as they have been excluded from the magnificent seven.  But why stop there?  For example, and especially as yesterday was St. Piran`s Day, surely Mebyon Kernow should be invited.  And there are a number of other `political groups` who could also claim to be included in what could be a truly democratic event.

Within the seven so far included we already have the obscure represented by the Lib Dems and the bizarre in the form of the Greens so why should others holding legitimate views be excluded, thus denying the electorate the benefit of hearing what they have to say?   Especially that, as of December last year, the Electoral Commission showed that the number of registered political parties in Great Britain and Northern Ireland amounted to no less than 422!!  A few examples - The Peace Party; The Pirate Party; The Workers Power Party; Wessex Regionalists; Yorkshire First; The Fancy Dress Party and not forgetting the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.   

So, a lot to choose from and if democracy means anything then each and every one of the 422 should be allowed to debate the issues which concern them and which might inform the electorate before polling day. Two`s company alright, but 422 simply makes for a house so crowded that keeping order in such a televised  farce would test even Paxo`s political adroitness. So it won`t happen, of course, and we`ll turn right over to the tv page to catch up on the other soaps. If for no other reason because, to borrow yet more from Neil Finn, there are.....

Only shadows ahead
barely clearing the roof
Get to know the feeling of liberation and relief

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Ray Turner said...

I'm just thankful that I don't have a TV Licence so can't watch the farce (sorry, I mean spectacle) when it eventually happens...