Saturday, February 21, 2015


There seems to be an increasing number of advertisements on television asking us to donate £3 a month to protect endangered species.  The one that caught my eye recently was pulling at the heartstrings and concerned the plight of polar bears which apparently are now `endangered.`  I don`t know whether the appeal was serious or an attempt to claim the prize as irony of the year because whilst polar bears might look soft and cuddly when they are young, they grow into marauding carnivores and given the opportunity they will happily bite your head off and have you for lunch.

So, no, I`m afraid I`m not sending £3 a month to protect a species that, even if it forsakes its carnivorous ways will still not have the mental capacity to understand that we are being protective of it.  They strike me as an ungrateful lot, on a par with some recipients of our overseas aid budget.

Instead, I`m on the lookout for a much more worthwhile cause to support and if any outfit needs it right now it`s the England cricket team who are in desperate need of a charitable respite, a safe haven, a forgiving sanctuary where they can escape  from their antipodean travails.   I`m not sure that £3 a month will do much good but it`s the thought that counts.  I`ll look out for the advert.

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