Thursday, September 25, 2014


Like the hero in the old style Westerns, I`ll be saddling up tomorrow, heading through the badlands and pitching up at this spot where the sun sinks slowly in the west at the end of another sumptuous day.   Well, that`s the theory.  The reality is a little more prosaic - a long drive along the M25, the M3, the A303 including the now predictable chaos around Stonehenge, the A358, the M5, the A38 and thence to a series of ever narrowing lanes until finally arriving at Bigbury-on-Sea, deep in the South Hams of Devon.

It`s an area we know well, having stayed there many times and another one that seems to draw us back to enjoy the quiet of the south Devon coast, the south west coast path and a final adventure before winter is upon us again.  Back in a week or so.

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Ray Turner said...

Lol. You're becoming very poetic in your old age Snopper. I hope have have nice week in Devon. I can think of no better place to be at this time of year...