Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Well, as if the last few days of Scottish Referendum pandemonium haven`t been bad enough, the next few days and weeks promise to be even more annoying. Today is one of those days when it might be best to avoid television, radio, social media and all the other sounding trumpets that assault our senses and find somewhere just to get away from it all.  Away from politics, away from conflicts, away from pointless anxieties.

I`ve been looking around and since I can`t resume my escape to the south west coast path for another week or so, once more I find Dylan Thomas providing the answer with my anti-hero, Nogood Boyo, to whom I find myself drawn and with whom I seem more and more to identify. He really did have life sorted out:-

"Fishermen grumble to their nets.  Nogood Boyo goes out in the dinghy Zanzibar, ships the oars, drifts slowly in the dab-filled bay and, lying on his back in the unbaled water, among crabs` legs and tangled lines, looks up at the spring sky and mutters contentedly to himself, `I don`t know who`s up there....and I don`t care.`"


Ray Turner said...

Nogood Boyo....?


Snopper said...

From Under Milk Wood - he `wants to be Good Boyo....but no-one will let him.`

Ray Turner said...

I haven't read that one.