Sunday, January 26, 2014

To Southampton to see the Saints play Yeovil in the 4th round of the FA Cup.  A `workmanlike` 2-0 win against lower league opponents but whose large contingent of over 3,000 fans contributed greatly to the matchday experience.   The afternoon also saw the appearance of club owner, Katherina Liebherr and her beaming smile as the first goal went in , courtesy of a penalty scored by our very own Brazillian, Guly do Prado, back after a long injury lay off.   The second was slotted home by another of our seemingly endless Academy products, Sam Gallagher, who seems to have a bright future ahead of him.

A good journey there and back, thanks to my carer and his watchful driving;  we renewed our acquaintance with Southampton Town Quay and its exorbitant car parking charges, the cordon noir catering of the Red Funnell Booking Office and the major roadworks which plagued our walk to and from the stadium and which seem to have totally obliterated Vokes Park.

But a day out is a day out, although sometimes - especially in the depths of winter - things such as loyalty to the cause and embarking on a sentimental journey are perhaps more than a little tested.  I have just heard that the reward for yesterday`s win against Yeovil is to face Sunderland away in the 5th round of the Cup.   Somehow I suspect that may be a journey that neither I nor my carer will be likely to make.

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